Some ID resort cities, counties, and auditorium districts have a local option sales tax in addition to the state sales tax. Idaho also imposes a use tax of 6% on the consumption, use, or storage of goods in the state if sales tax wasn't paid on the purchase of the goods. This tax is paid directly to the state instead of the seller.
Oct 12, 2013 · Generally, your state ID number will be your social security number. Unless you have opened a corporation of partnership with the state and that is what is being requested. If you are trying to do your personal tax return, use your social security number.
Aug 28, 2020 · SALESPERSON candidates: Once the State of Michigan has authorized your eligibility, you are responsible for contacting PSI to schedule an appointment to take the examination. BROKER candidates: You may pay and schedule without applying to the State of Michigan. You must use your social security number as the ID# when scheduling.
Resident tuition represents a discount for the taxpayer family. In other words, students who are not Michigan residents pay approximately what it costs the university to teach the course and operate the university, while in-state students are given a discount on that rate because of the subsidy that the state of Michigan provides MSU every year. 7.